eFood - The Ultimate Food Delivery Management System for Restaurants

eFood is a comprehensive food delivery management system that streamlines the process of ordering, preparing, and delivering food from restaurants to customers. The system includes a user app, website, and delivery man app, all of which are built on the powerful Laravel Framework.

With eFood, restaurant owners can easily manage their entire operation through the user-friendly admin panel. This allows them to focus on what they do best - creating delicious food - while eFood takes care of the rest. Additionally, eFood's advanced features and tools can help accelerate the growth of your restaurant business.

Creative ways to make money from using eFood include:

  1. Implementing a subscription-based delivery service for repeat customers.
  2. Offering exclusive deals and discounts to customers who use the app.
  3. Partnering with other local businesses to offer bundled deals and cross-promotions.
  4. Implementing a referral program for customers to earn rewards for referring friends and family.
  5. Creating a loyalty program for customers to earn rewards for repeat orders.


Duration project: 45 days



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